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Green Sustainable Printing Services

Interest in sustainability and environmental concerns has never been higher.  Customers in many market segments such as non-profits, educational institutions, service firms, and even some manufacturers, are trying to “look green.”  Often they are demanding that their vendors, especially printers, supply them with products that will help them portray the “green” image to their customers.  For printers this often results in request for products containing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo.

FSC and other certifications are expensive and complex.  Printing Industries Alliance can help!

Group FSC Certification

Group FSC certification is available at significantly reduced cost, to qualified members of Printing Industries Alliance.  To qualify, companies must have annual sales less than $5 million of “forest product printing”. This is generally “ink on paper” and can include commercial printing, packaging, etc.

There is no difference between individual certificates and the PIA group certificate regarding use of FSC logo, use of certified paper, etc.

Group FSC certification fee is $1,695.00 per year, inclusive of travel, a savings of several thousand dollars off individual prices.

Learn more about Group FSC certification through PIA.

Chain of Custody Consultation

Large or small, maintaining your firm’s program can be tedious and complex.  That’s why Printing Industries Alliance has established a relationship with a leading Chain of Custody Consulting firm, American Green Consulting Group, LLC.

Chris Gibbons, Principal of American Green Consulting Group and Group Manager of the PIA Group FSC program, is available to assist members in developing their individual programs to obtain FSC, SFI, PEFC and other certifications, at “PIA members only” rates.

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

Founded in 2008, Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is an independent non-profit organization providing a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry.  SGP is the industry standard for the certification and continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within print manufacturing operations.

SGP was established by several national trade associations, including Printing Industries of America.  The certification process is quite rigorous and encompasses several areas, including:

Sustainability Management, Best Practices, Social Aspects, and Metrics

Printing Industries Alliance members save over $2,000 on Application/Audit fees to become SGP certified.

Click here for more information on SGP certification. 

Printing Industries Alliance, your resource for professional Green Sustainable Printing services in the graphic communications industry.

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