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Insurance costs continue to escalate and are consuming an ever-increasing portion of our profit margins. Printing Industries Alliance Insurance Services provide members with the opportunity to combine purchasing power and leverage savings usually attainable by only the largest companies.

Workers’ Compensation (New York State companies only)

PIA Workers’ Compensation Safety Group is a fully insured program comprised of safety conscious PIA members. Premium is pooled and all dollars not used to pay claims and expenses are returned to the membership as a cash dividend. Annual savings have ranged from 20-40% since program inception. Benefits include:

  • Upfront premium discounts
  • Year-end cash dividends based on group loss experience
  • Personalized claims and underwriting services

Only safety conscious employers are eligible - maximizing financial benefits for all!

The Safety Group was formed in 1987. Since then:

  • Average upfront discount has been 23.1%
  • Average cash dividend 33.1%
  • Total Discount Dollars saved for Group participants: $20,400,000
  • Total Cash Dividends Distributed: $25,423,773
  • Total Group Savings since 1987: $45,823,773
Recent Discount and Dividend History
Policy Year Discount  Dividend
2006-2007 20% 25%
2007-2008 20% 25%
2008-2009 20% 40%
2009-2010 25% 40%
2010-2011 25% 32.5%
2011-2012 25% 25%
2012-2013 25% 25%
2013-2014 25% 30%
2014-2015 20% *
2015-2016 20% *
2016-2017 tba *

*Future dividend to be declared



To obtain a no-obligation quote, complete and return reply form to PIA or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (800) 777-4742.

PIA Risk Solutions

PIA and Gilroy, Kernan and Gilroy (GKG) have partnered to offer members leading-edge Risk Management and Employee Benefits Solutions.  This member benefit entitles PIA members to a variety of GKG's offerings and programs.  These benefits range from risk management services to discounted insurance products and even access to GKG's spectrum of educational offerings, including but not limited to: "Share-to-Compare" Employee Benefits Program Benchmarketing Regional and Industry Data, Exclusive Insurance products, invitation to all GKG University seminars/webinars, access to GKG's online client portal, complimentary risk assessment and complimentary Cyber security audit.  

401(k) Administration

If you haven't looked at your company's 401(k) administration lately - you might be in for a surprise! You might find you are paying thousands more than you should in administrative fees and opening yourself up to potential liability as a plan sponsor.

Printing Industries Alliance is pleased to partner with Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy, Voya and Morningstar to provide members with a 401(k) plan that lowers fees, minimizes fiduciary liability and more.

  • Rock bottom "PIA Members' Only" fee structure
  • Total expense transparency
  • A broad spectrum of open architecture investment options
  • Fiduciary indemnification
  • Industry leading employee educational support, which increases participation
  • User friendly technology
  • Unrivaled local service and support

Call (716) 691-3211 or email Tim Freeman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Printing Industries Alliance, your resource for professional Insurance and Risk Management support in the graphic communications industry. 

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