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Engage, Explore, Energize, Excel

Without question, success in today’s graphic communications industry requires talents, knowledge and a level of commitment that we couldn’t even imagine, just a few years ago. That is why Printing Industries Alliance has adopted the new theme, “Engage-Explore-Energize- Excel” for our communications with the industry and general business community. This theme sets the stage for our organizational philosophy and points to the renewed value proposition the Printing Industries Alliance offers to our membership:

Engage – Members receive incredible value from the combined Printing Industries Alliance/Printing Industries of America membership – value far beyond your dues investment. There are so many resources, programs and talented staff available and we encourage you to “Engage” with us to determine how we might best support your business efforts!

Explore – It can take some time to look at what is available through PIA, but the effort is worth it.  Do you have a project on the back burner that needs a little push?  Give us a call – it will pay big dividends.  For example, a member recently called looking for some background information on sales tax.  What this member learned helped him obtain a sales tax refund for a customer of over $300,000.  Pretty sure that customer was happy and won’t be looking for a new printer any time soon!

Energize – Changes in our industry and the ongoing shaky economy has created somewhat of a “bunker mentality” for many of us.  When you are putting out fires every day, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.  However, as an owner or manager, one of the most valuable assets you bring to the table is energy.  Energy is infectious and your ability to stay energized pays big dividends for your staff and customers.  Let us help you with a steady stream of new ideas and information for your business!

Excel – Last but certainly not least – excellence is something we all strive for.  Your energy, knowledge and experience – combined with the resources and services available through PIA, are a recipe for success!

Our website, www.pialliance.org, is under continual development to improve its value to our membership. Check back frequently for new resources, sections designed for specific members of your staff, and much more.

Printing Industries Alliance – Engage/Explore/Energize/Excel

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