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2013: Direct Mail Marketing Statistics

Reaching consumers and engaging them with your content is the key to marketing success.  With the average person seeing over 3,000 messages on a daily basis it’s becoming easier to reach consumers — through social media, email and mobile, but it is becoming much harder to actually engage your target audience with your message.

With print media, such as direct mail, you’re able to break through the clutter of digital messages — as over 80 percent of direct mail messages are read or skimmed and about a quarter of direct mail pieces are kept in the recipient’s home for 30 days or more.

Additionally, Direct mail was ranked the number one marketing channel in 2013, with 88% of respondents reporting they used or plan to use direct mail in their marketing mix.  Direct mail was followed by web/micro-site, email, and social media marketing.  (SourceLink Study)

A Target Marketing study showed that direct mail had the highest new customer acquisition rate — with 34 percent of new customers responding to businesses as a result of a direct mail marketing message they received.

Finally, direct mail marketing is green.  According to Print is Big, 70 percent of direct mail pieces come from recycled materials and 60 percent of the energy used in the production of paper come from recycled material — while most industries are only using about 10 percent recycled energy to produce their products.

Direct mail not only reaches your target audience, it engages them and entices responses from a brand’s core audience.

Timothy Freeman
Printing Industries Alliance

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