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Remember to Post OSHA Form 300a by February 1st

OSHA Now Requires Electronic Reporting of OSHA 300a Form

*** Update on this year's reporting requirements

Beginning this year, there is an amendment to the record-keeping OSHA standard that includes electronically reporting your company's 300A form directly to OSHA (in addition to posting at your facility). This is an OSHA mandate. All printing firms with more than 20 employees are required to comply. The details for this amendment are included in an updated version of the OSHA 300 Form Webinar (towards the end of the recording). See information below to access the webinar recording. Printing Industries Alliance will also include details on this new requirement in an upcoming newsletter issue.

***PIA has prepared a brief webinar on preparing the OSHA 300a Form

It's that most wonderful time of the year, AGAIN, when we are required to prepare the OSHA 300 log, post Form 300A by February 1st, and keep it posted through the last day of April, for all to see. If your company employs more than 10 people or is responsible for more than 10 employees, you are required by law to prepare the log.

Most of you are familiar with the log, but if not, or if you feel a refresher wouldn't hurt, or you feel you may not be totally current with the most recent changes, PIA has recorded a (brief) webinar [free for PIA members], which will help bring you up to date.

The webinar is jam-packed with excitement, intrigue and suspense. NOT!

Unfortunately, it's just all stuff you need to know if you wish to be in OSHA compliance. Pure torture, but it's only about 30 minutes long. The webinar will review the various aspects of the OSHA standard and help guide you through the proper preparation of the log forms.

The most difficult part of preparing the log is to know the entry criteria. What needs to be reported, what needn't be reported. In our webinar, a detailed review of the reporting criteria is presented. The correct preparation of the log is critical. Often, in order to cover their bases, companies will record everything and anything that befalls an employee. Don't do that. During an OSHA inspection, the compliance officer will review the log. The next step to the inspection will be based on what the log tells the compliance officer. Lots of entries... the officer may be sticking around a lot longer than you would like them to. No entries make them feel as though they may need to look a bit closer. Accurate record keeping is the key. Remember, only job related illnesses or injuries are to be recorded. And of course, not having the log, onto itself, will render a hefty citation.

Having nothing to do with OSHA, but should you be entertaining selling the business or perhaps luring investors, they too will want to see the log. OSHA requires the company to maintain the logs for five years. Potential buyers or investors will want to see them as well. They will want to know if there may be any hidden liabilities that could await them. 

How to access the Webinar

 Visit to download Form 300, 301 and 300A.

Form 300 Logs the Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, Form 300A is the Summary (that's the form to be posted) and Form 301 is the injury and Illness Incident Report. The accompanying instruction sheets will help guide you in preparing the forms. 

Go to, complete a short registration form and the webinar will automatically start playing. Ready Talk will prompt you to download software, at no charge, if required to play the webinar.

So take the time to ensure you are up to date with this compliance by reviewing the presentation. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me at (800) 777-4742 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And may all your 300A entries be zeros!

Jerry Banks
PIA Manager of Membership Services
Printing Industries Alliance
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(800) 777-4742

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